Coronavirus Updates

SARC is here to provide academic support and to help you during this period of remote instruction! All of our services are available online, and you can connect with tutors, Supplemental Instruction Leaders, and academic coaches via video conferencing. Click here for more information on current information on all of our services.

UCF is providing 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and updates here.


Tutoring is currently available for students enrolled in UCF, students of College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS). Regular, consistent, and constant participation in SARC Peer Tutoring each and every week will increase the chances of achieving academic goals for the semester.

Benefits include receiving extra assistance with concepts and materials presented in class, learning the material from a different point of view, ability to attend online tutoring sessions, and learning in a group setting with other UCF Knights. All of the tutors are internationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) Level I & II certification and are trained to facilitate learning

Covering over 30 subjects during the semester, SARC Peer Tutors also conducts Final Review Sessions during final exam week as a part of UCF’s Study Union programming.


  • During tutoring sessions, SARC Peer Tutors will answer questions you have concerning class material and concepts and will guide the discussion to allow for comprehension and understanding of the material presented in during lecture. Additionally, Peer Tutors will provide suggestions on how to approach the course to reach your academic goals. They will demonstrate how to take notes, read the textbook, and study techniques necessary for academic success.
  • When attending a session you will need to bring: course syllabus, course notes and
    materials presented in class, course textbook(s), and any questions you have for the tutor.
  • SARC averages a tutorial staff of 35-40 peer tutors per semester with tutors offering assistance for over 300 hours per week at the labs. Our facilities include the SARC lab located at Trevor Colbourn Hall Room 117 and the CECS lab at Engineering I Room 281. All students are welcome to attend any session at any lab.
  • Please note there is no food and/or drinks allowed in the tutoring labs.