Lietsel Richardson

Tutoring and Academic Outreach Graduate Assistant, Learning Specialist


  • University of Central Florida – B.S. Mechanical Engineering (2016)

Lietsel joined SARC in August 2015 as a Peer Tutor for engineering subjects such as Physics for Engineers I and II, as well as College Physics II. Upon graduation, Lietsel transitioned to the Tutoring and Academic Outreach Graduate Assistant position, and also facilitates Academic Success Workshops and conducts Learning Skills Consultations. She is the coordinator of events such as National Tutoring Week and assists with Study Union and Learning Fair.

Lietsel is from Saint Maarten in the Caribbean and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. Her hope is to obtain a PhD in the major, remain in academia to be at the forefront of research, and inspire and encourage students to pursue STEM degrees. Lietsel has been able to inspire the younger generation by speaking at several elementary and middle schools about STEM, women in engineering/tech fields, and the importance of education. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, art, live music, reading, writing, exercising, and volunteering in the community for causes such as environmental conservation, homelessness, at risk children, and animals.

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