two students discussing sign language

The transition from high school to college – or even from a community college to a four–year university – can bring many changes and adjustments to student life. These include time management, note taking, textbook reading, test preparation, and more. SARC offers a variety of resources that aid in developing these skills.

Study Skills Handouts

Over fifty (50) handouts that offer tips and tricks about various challenges students face in college.

Study Skills Inventory

The College Level Study Skills Inventory will assist in providing students immediate feedback on their current approach to college level study skills. There are six critical study skills college students need to consistently be developing: text book reading, note taking, memory, test preparation, concentration, and time management. At the conclusion of the inventory, each of these skills will be assessed based on the manner in which the questions were answered.

Supplemental Instruction Resources

Bonus materials created and posted by SARC's SI Leaders, including review sheets, study guides, and handouts for SI classes.

Veteran's Academic Resource Center

The Veterans Academic Resource Center is your one-stop solution to your needs as a student veteran. We provide offices, study space and lounge space, as well as access to a number of university offices, in one central location.