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Student Academic Resource Center
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Appointment Information

If you haven't made an appointment, please contact our officeto schedule one. This form can only be filled out after an appointment is made.

Consultation Scheduled With? You can find this information in the courtesy email you were sent. This is not your advisor.

Academic Information and Study Habits

In this section, please complete the requested information about your courses for the current semester. For each course you are currently taking, press the "Add Course" button and fill in the required information.

Current Grade If you do not yet have any graded work, please estimate what grade you believe you will receive.

Example Comments Can't keep up with the assigned reading.

Biographical Information

Please answer the following questions about yourself. If you are not sure what your concerns are, please take the Inventory of College Level Learning Skills . You may email the results to yourself / print them and bring them to your appointment.