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Student Academic Resource Center

SARC is an academic support unit for all UCF students. SARC offers many services in addition to peer tutoring. Other services include supplemental instruction, one-on-one learning skills consultations, academic success workshops, and additional access to computers in the SARC lab. We are looking for diverse, enthusiastic, dedicated and hardworking students who enjoy educating and teaching others.


SI Leaders

SI Leaders are undergraduate students responsible for leading four, 50-minute study sessions per week for a designated course. Benefits to becoming an SI Leader include building leadership skills, networking with faculty, helping other students, and reviewing course material along with hourly compensation.

When applying, you must also have a UCF Professor fill out the following Academic Reference Form online. Please ask the faculty member to use the link here to complete this form. The reference form is a requirement for this position.

The Spring 2017 deadline is December 20th at 11:59pm. Please contact Kristen Horton at with any questions. Please be sure to read our SI Leader Job Description and FAQ sheet.

Please click on the “SI Leaders” heading to go to the online application. Applications are complete once both the online application and Academic Reference Form are completed. Invitations for interviews for selected individuals will be requested via email between December 19th and January 3rd.

Spring SI Leader training will take place on January 5th and 6th, 2017. Applicants must be available on these dates to be considered for the semester of which they are applying.

The courses we are hiring for will be included in the application, but include several courses in Chemistry, Biology, Math, Engineering and Computer Science. See list below for reference.

Class List Spring 2017

  • Organic Chemistry II (CHM 2211)
  • Calculus III (MAC 2313)

SARC Peer Tutors

SARC provides peer tutoring to undergraduate UCF students enrolled in one or more of the following areas: Accounting, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Human Physiology, Engineering, Computer Science, and Astronomy. SARC peer tutors conduct final review sessions during final exam week as part of Study Union Programming. Additionally, tutors become internationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

When applying, you must also have a UCF Professor fill out the following Faculty Reference Form as well as any unofficial transcript from previous colleges (transfer and graduate applications) sent to SARC's office before the end of the application deadline.

We are now hiring Peer Tutors for Spring 2017 for the following courses:

  • ACG 2021 Financial Accounting
  • ACG 2071 Managerial Accounting
  • AST 2002 Astronomy
  • BSC 2010 Biology I
  • FIN 3403 Business Finance
  • CHM 1032 General Chemistry
  • CHM 2040 Chemistry Fund IA
  • CHM 2041 Chemistry Fund IB
  • CHM 2045 Chemistry Fund I
  • CHM 2046 Chemistry Fund II
  • CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry II
  • COT 3100 Discrete Structures
  • COP 3223 Introduction to C Programming
  • COP 3502 Computer Science I
  • COP 3330 Object-Oriented Programming
  • ECO 3411 Quantitative Business Tools
  • EEL 3004 Electrical Networks
  • EGM 3601 Solid Mechanics
  • EGN 3310 Engineering Analysis-Statistics
  • EGN 3321 Engineering Analysis-Dynamics
  • EGN 3343 Thermodynamics
  • EML 3217 Dynamics
  • MCB 3020 General Microbiology
  • PCB 3703 Human Physiology
  • PHY 2053 College Physics I
  • PHY 2054 College Physics II
  • PHY 2048 Physics for Engineers I
  • PHY 2049 Physics for Engineers II
  • STA 2014 Principles of Statistics
  • STA 2023 Statistical Methods I
  • STA 3032 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  • ZOO 3744 Neurobiology

SARC Technology Assistant

This is a part-time, OPS (20 hours/week) position. Responsibilities include maintaining and creating content for the department’s websites, supporting the Online Peer-Assisted Learning (OPAL) program, assisting with livestreaming, video editing/captioning, developing and maintaining a library of online resources, and more. Please see the Job Description for more details, and click on the "SARC Technology Assistant" heading above to go to the online application.