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Student Academic Resource Center

Are you having a challenging semester?
Do you procrastinate and/or want to manage your time better?
Do you struggle with memorizing or understanding concepts?
Are you having trouble staying motivated?
Do you read textbooks and not remember/understand anything?
Are you studying days in advance for hours but not getting the results you want?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then consider participating in the ACE program! We are here to help fellow knights up their academic game!

Whether you are a freshman or a senior everyone needs a little help here and there. Each semester brings new classes and new instructors with new teaching methods, which calls for new skills and strategies for success.

The ACE Program facilitates academic success among UCF students by providing FREE one-on-one, ongoing peer coaching. In addition to helping students develop new strategies and skills applicable to school and life, coaches also guide participants to take advantage of other academic resources and opportunities available on campus.

Our Academic Coaches are UCF students with 3.0 or higher UCF GPA. They have received intensive training as well as learned from their own experiences! Coaches are available to meet with you regularly throughout the semester to provide them the opportunity to check in on your progress, as well as help keep you accountable for the goals and action plans devised in previous sessions.

Sessions begin with your coach helping you assess your strengths as well as areas for growth, followed by a collaborative effort to develop academic strategies personalized to your classes and learning style. Students lead the sessions, thus the topic of focus is up to you and your needs. However…

Common topics discussed in an Academic Coaching session include:

  • Time Management & Organizational Skills
  • Study Skills & Test Prep
  • Textbook Reading & Note Taking
  • Stress Management & Overall Wellness
  • Motivation & Goal Setting
  • Campus Resources & Opportunities
*Please Note: Academic Coaching is not tutoring; coaches cannot provide subject-specific assistance.

So, what can YOU gain from the ACE Program?

  • Support as well as a connection to UCF
  • Effective time management skills to help decrease stress & increase productivity
  • Efficient study skills and practices proven to work
  • Motivation and accountability to keep you on track with your goals
  • And scholarship opportunities!

Scholarship Opportunities

UCF Students who participate in the ACE program and other campus resources may be eligible for scholarship opportunities. Please download the ACE Program Scholarship Information Packet to learn more about the scholarship opportunities for Spring 2018 program participants.

Schedule an Appointment

The ACE Program is open to all students currently enrolled at UCF. Some students may be required to participate in the ACE Program, whereas others join voluntarily. All students are welcome to request an appointment with an Academic Coach; however, priority will be given to those mandated to participate. Voluntary students will be scheduled as space is available. If you are interested in participating in the ACE program and would like to schedule your first session (45–60 minutes) with an Academic Coach please complete the ACE Appointment form online here and be sure to include your availability. An ACE Staff member will follow up with you within 1–2 business days via email to confirm your appointment time.

NOTE: If you need to reschedule or cancel a previously scheduled appointment please use the same ACE Appointment form linked above. It is also recommended that you email your coach if you cannot attend an upcoming appointment so he/she is aware and can update their schedule.

How do I get the most out of Academic Coaching?

  • Arrive on time to all your appointments
  • Bring your course materials to your appointments
  • Bring a positive attitude and an open mind with you
  • Be open and honest with your coach
  • Be engaged in each of your sessions
  • Apply new strategies and work toward your goals between sessions

Britney Civil

Major: Marketing, Minor: Hospitality Management
Year: Junior
Campus Involvement: S.I.S.T.U.H.S. Inc., National Society of Collegiate Scholars, LEAD Scholars Alumni, Resident Assistant
Career aspirations: Achieve an M.B.A. in Marketing and become a Marketing Event Coordinator.
Favorite Hobbies/ Pastimes: Cooking, Game of Thrones, YouTube videos, listening to music
Favorite UCF Memory: UCF 2015 Homecoming
Favorite Quote: “Don’t miss out on something that could be amazing just because it could also be difficult.”

Ethan Uhlig

Major: Philosophy and Computer Science
Year: Sophomore
Campus Involvement: UCF Speech & Debate
Career Aspirations: Research, particularly in machine learning. I would like to get a Ph.D. and become a professor someday.
Favorite Hobbies/Pastimes: Reading (particularly politics and philosophy), baking, and gaming!
Favorite UCF Memory (so far): Being able to go on stage and accept the first place debate trophy on behalf of the entire UCF team at last year's state tournament.
Favorite Quote: "In fact, the world needs more nerds." —Ben Bernanke

Gianna Fanelli

Major: Biology, Marine and Aquatic Sciences Track
Year: Sophomore
Campus Involvement: Burnett Honors College, EXCEL, Pre-vet society, KMWC, photography club, etc.
Career Aspirations: I would like to do research on sharks one day!
Favorite Hobbies/Pastimes: Going to the beach, napping, watching movies, etc.
Favorite UCF Memory: Getting accepted into the study abroad program in Belize for Summer 2018!
Favorite Quote: "You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore"

Javaun Genus

Major: Aerospace Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Campus Involvement: National Society of Black Engineers and Brother to Brother
Career Aspirations: To work for a commercial airline company in which I can assist in further developing the structure and components of aircrafts.
Favorite Hobbies/Pastimes: Playing sports, video games, and watching Crime TV shows.
Favorite UCF Memory (so far): Watching the UCF football team win the Conference Championship vs. Memphis.
Favorite Quote: "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it." —Chuck Swindle

Jordan Steckler

Major: Mental Health Counseling
Year: Graduate Student
Campus Involvement: I am a member of MPower and HEART.
Career Aspirations: I want to go into private practice and help people with relationship issues, specifically educating others on consent, boundaries, and what healthy relationships look like. Other topics of interest for me are health, wellness, and self-compassion.
Favorite Hobbies: In my free time, I like to practice yoga, listen to music, and spend time with friends.
Favorite UCF Memory: My favorite UCF memory so far is going to Magic Kingdom with my classmates to celebrate the end of the semester.
Favorite Quote: “The journey isn’t about becoming a different person, but loving who you are right now.” -N/A

Kalen Koch

Major: Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program
Year: 1st Year Graduate Student
Campus Involvement: Graduate Program
Career Aspirations: I hope to open up my own wellness studio incorporating mind, body, and soul with both mental health counseling and yoga.
Favorite Hobbies/Pastimes: singing, yoga, photography, trying out new types of workouts, and reading!
Favorite UCF Memory (so far): attending my first UCF football game!
Favorite Quote: "There are two pains in life- the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Regret weighs tons. Discipline weighs ounces."

Katie Schwartzer

Major: Health Services Administration
Year: Sophomore
Campus Involvement: UCF Women’s Club Volleyball, Volunteer UCF, IM Sports
Career aspirations: Become a manager in a hospital
Favorite Hobbies/Pastimes: Playing Volleyball
Favorite UCF Memory: My favorite memory is going to the UCF vs. USF game and beating USF
Favorite Quote: “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”

Kristen Detz

Major: Elementary Education
Year: Sophomore
Campus Involvement: Marching Knights, Sigma Alpha Iota, Student Knights Club Advisory Board Assistant Events and Athletics Coordinator, and Knightmare Advisory Council
Career Aspirations: To be a second or third grade teacher, and later become a teacher for a department of defense school which will allow me to travel.
Favorite Hobbies/Pastimes: Reading, Puzzles, and going to Disney
Favorite UCF Memory: At the Austin Peay game Knightro came over to the band, and romanced me in front of the whole band. He hugged me, bowed to me, took my hand in his and held it up for everyone to see. All my fellow Marching Knights were going crazy. I love Knightro!
Favorite Quote: "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them" -Walt Disney

Maria Spinetti

Major: Early Childhood Education
Year: Junior
Campus Involvement: Venezuelan Student Association and Physical Science SI Leader.
Career Aspirations: work in education reform.
Favorite Hobbies/Pastimes: I love lettering, playing golf, reading and watching any police TV show.
Favorite UCF Memory: watching the UCF basketball team win against USF my first week of classes.
Favorite Quote: “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” —Malala Yousafzai

Samantha Morris

Major: Computer Science
Year: Junior
Campus Involvement: She's the First, Young Woman Leaders Program, Seedlings Research Mentoring
Career Aspirations: Program Manager
Favorite Hobbies: Writing, Photography, Film, Travel
Favorite UCF Memory: Catching a duck at my first Spirit Splash!
Favorite Quote: "Do or do not. There is no try." —Yoda

Contact Brandy Espinosa
Phone 407-823-5130
Location Howard Phillips Hall 115

ACE Student Referral Form

If there is an undergraduate student currently enrolled at UCF that you believe would benefit from the ACE program, please complete the ACE Student Referral Form online here.

Group Academic Coaching Session Request

If you are interested in having SARC staff host an Academic Coaching session for a small group (5–10 individuals) you may complete the Group Academic Coaching Request online here. Requests can be made from staff, faculty, or students who want assistance with a similar topic. Requests will be accommodated as availability permits.

Student Testimonials

“The ACE program as a whole helped me realize my potential as a Knight… if it weren’t for my ACE coaching sessions, I would have never acquired the skills needed to live up to my fullest potential.”

“I sincerely enjoyed the ability to be a part of the program. I felt it influenced me very positively and definitely made me motivated to make both my coach and myself happy.”

“If it weren't for the ACE program along with my ACE coach, I don't know how I would've found the motivation to get myself out of academic probation. I am so grateful to have been put into this wonderful program. Thank you to you and your team for showing me what I am truly capable of achieving and for giving me hope!”